At Hearing & Balance Specialists of Kansas City, we offer the following concussion appointments:

  1. Baseline/Pre-season evaluation: For athletes or those in work situations where the individual is at risk for a head injury or concussion.
  2. Post-head injury assessment: For individuals post-head injury/concussion.
  3. Follow-up evaluations: For patients experiencing abnormalities and concussion symptoms. We continue to evaluate until symptoms are gone and test results are normal.

Why should I consider specialized concussion testing instead of typical vestibular testing?

A typical vestibular and balance assessment is generally intolerable by an individual who has recently experienced a head injury. This is due to the fact that the individual is especially light and motion sensitive.

Should I do a concussion evaluation prior to or following physical therapy?

In order to accurately track progress and recovery, it is best to complete a concussion evaluation prior to beginning physical therapy. We will continue to monitor progress throughout therapy and upon completion of physical therapy to ensure you are physiologically compensated so you can be safe as you return back to work, school, or play.

Which sport has the leading cause of high school sport concussions?

  • For males, the leading cause of high school sport concussions is football.
  • For females, the leading cause of high school sport concussions is soccer.