Claire Thomas, Au.D.

Tinnitus/Sound Sensitivity & Auditory Processing Disorder Audiologist

Dr. Thomas received specialized training in the evaluation and management of hearing loss, central auditory processing disorder, tinnitus, and sound sensitivities as a doctoral resident at Hearing and Balance Specialists of Kansas City. She completed her doctoral studies in audiology at the University of Kansas Medical Center and bachelor studies from Oklahoma State University.

While completing her studies at the University of Kansas Medical Center, Dr. Thomas wrote and illustrated a children’s therapy tool for auditory processing deficits that was presented at the Kansas Speech-Language-Hearing Association conference. She continues to integrate creativity into her work as a clinical audiologist through patient-centered care that is unique to each individual patient and their families.

Dr. Thomas is a member of local and national organizations including the American Academy of Audiology and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Outside of the clinic, Claire enjoys painting, cheering on the Chiefs (with hearing protection!), and exploring all that Kansas City has to offer.