Liz Fuemmeler, Au.D.

Vestibular and Concussion Audiologist

Dr. Fuemmeler completed her doctoral studies in audiology at Purdue University. She specialized in the evaluation and treatment of vestibular and balance disorders, through her residential training at Boys Town National Research Hospital and the Mayo Clinic. While at Mayo Clinic, she trained in the Return to Play clinic, a concussion evaluation and rehabilitation program. Her work focused on finding objective, physiologic evidence to identify the presence and extent of vestibular issues following a concussion. This evidence played a critical role in ensuring concussions were properly diagnosed and athletes were not returning to their sport prematurely.

She is actively involved in scientific research related to the evaluation of dizziness. Dr. Fuemmeler has leadership experience at the national level, having served as the President of the Student Academy of Audiology. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with friends and family