Our Mission

Hearing & Balance Specialists of Kansas City is committed to providing compassionate patient care and education through unsurpassed customer service and comprehensive diagnostic knowledge. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology and best practices, we create a successful audiological rehabilitative plan for each patient and their family.


About Us

Hearing & Balance Specialists of Kansas City is a clinician-owned private practice specializing in tinnitus and sound sensitivity, dizziness and imbalance, auditory processing, hearing loss, and hearing aids. Drs. Sam Bittel, Flowers, and Lake came together to form a unique practice, with a goal of combining the most experienced and skilled audiologists in each of their respective specialty areas. Hearing & Balance Specialists of Kansas City is the Kansas City, MO‘s premier specialty audiology clinic, and our audiologists lecture nationally, publish regularly, and teach doctoral courses at the University of Kansas Medical Center. The practice also functions as a clinical training and research site for the doctoral audiology program at KU.

As equal partners in Hearing & Balance Specialists of Kansas City, Drs. Sam Bittel, Flowers, and Lake have a deep-seated passion in ensuring top-notch care for every patient who enters our door. We are passionate about helping the patients we serve, so we strive to provide the best possible care.

7 Reasons Why We Are Different


  1. We are the most experienced audiology specialists in the region.
  2. Patient education and satisfaction is our primary focus. Our recommendations for your success are guided by your needs and thoroughly communicated.
  3. Clinician owned and operated, so we are particularly passionate about the services we provide.
  4. With a deep physician and allied health network, we believe that audiology is an integral part of the healthcare team.
  5. Our unbundled pricing structure for hearing aids means you only pay for the services you need and want.
  6. We work with the world’s best manufacturers and offer a complete lineup of the most technologically advanced hearing and tinnitus/sound sensitivity systems available.
  7. Our audiologists lecture nationally and publish regularly in the scientific literature.